Safety Clothing

Mascot Work Wear

Mascot Polo Shirts Mascot Trousers Mascot Rain Wear Mascot Knee Pads

At Ash Safety we currently have stock of Mascot work wear.

These items are all stock clearance items so please contact us if you require any further details we have a wide range of sizes in stock.

Sales price excluding VAT
Mascot Malaysia Polo Shirt £8.00
Mascot Valencia Polo Shirt £8.00
Mascot Pasadena Trousers £9.50
Mascot Lerida Trousers £30.00
Mascot Albany Trousers £15.00
Mascot Lorca Craftsman Trousers £30.00
Mascot Waterford Rain Jacket £8.50
Mascot Riverton Rain Trousers £12.50
Mascot Waterloo Knee Pads (set of 2) £4.00

Blackrock Safety Footwear

Ultimate and Sovereign Safety Boots Crusader and Chukka Safety Boots Dealer and Cyclone Safety Boots Trekking and Hiker Safety Boots Wellington and Rigger Safety Boots

At Ash Safety we stock several different types of Blackrock steel toe capped boots and wellingtons.

If you can not find the type of boot you are looking for then please contact us on 01404 43000 / 01404 44007, we will be more than happy to help you find the right footwear.

All the footwear listed is VAT exempt.

Sales price
Ultimate Boot £24.50
Sovereign Boot £30.10
Crusader Boot £30.00
Chukka Boot £13.65
Dealer Boot £21.00
Cyclone Boot £27.00
Trekking Boot £26.00
Hiker Boot £26.00
Wellington Boots £12.50
Rigger Boot £24.00

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