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Rollgliss Rescue Kit

Rollgliss Rescue Kit

Rollgliss make the ideal answer for your rescue plan from towers shafts and chimneys. Available in ready made sets tailored to the fall you require. Rollgliss Rescue Kits give you all that you need to control your emergency rescue. Make sure your height safety plan includes rescue, the part most overlooked.

The Rollgliss Rescue Kit is available in varying lengths dependant upon your height safety requirements. Standard sets are: 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m and 70m, but we can also have a set made to meet your specific requirements.

Sales price excluding VAT
AG62501010 Rollgliss Rescue Kit for 10 metre drop £1,098.00
AG62501020 Rollgliss Rescue Kit for 20 metre drop £1,130.00
AG62501030 Rollgliss Rescue Kit for 30 metre drop £1,159.00
AG62501040 Rollgliss Rescue Kit for 40 metre drop £1,121.00
AG62501050 Rollgliss Rescue Kit for 50 metre drop £1,178.00
AG62501070 Rollgliss Rescue Kit for 70 metre drop £1,204.00
Service price excluding parts and VAT
All Rollgliss Rescue Kits £60.00

Rollgliss R350

R350 3:1 Kit Rollgliss R350 Rollgliss R350 2:1, 3:1 & 5.1 Units Rollgliss Winch with Brake

The Rollgliss R350 is the base model which is available in 3 further formats, offering a 2:1, 3:1 and 5:1 reduction system dependant upon your requirements.

The R350 man riding winch can be used for working or rescue, this unit comes into its own for chimneys and towers masts. The operative can self ascend or lower to his given task, the R350 also allows for a top man to have control, allowing him to recover the operative if the need so arises. The R350 in its 5:1 ratio can also be used to recover 2 operatives at once, making it a very practical recovery system.

The fall required is worked out on which unit is ordered by the ratio, a 2:1 for instance with a 50 metre rope fitted would give a fall of 25 metres, where as the 5:1 would have a fall of 10 metres. We have listed a number of options but these units really need to be built to operational or risk assessment needs.

Weekly hire rate excluding VAT
R350 3:1 Kit, with 60m rope (20m fall), 2 Jumars, Lanyards & Kit Bag £74.00
Sales price excluding VAT
R350 3:1 Kit, with 60m rope (20m fall), 2 Jumars, Lanyards & Kit Bag £1,146.05
AG6350000 Rollgliss R350 £533.00
AG6350ST21 Rollgliss R350 2:1 £706.00
AG6350ST31 Rollgliss R350 3:1 £798.00
AG6350ST51 Rollgliss R350 5:1 £799.00
AG6720020 Rollgliss R350 20m Rope Static 9mm diameter £80.30
AG6720040 Rollgliss R350 40m Rope Static 9mm diameter £141.00
AG6720060 Rollgliss R350 60m Rope Static 9mm diameter £202.00
AG6720080 Rollgliss R350 80m Rope Static 9mm diameter £259.00
AG6720100 Rollgliss R350 100m Rope Static 9mm diameter £321.00
AG501 Adjustable Rescue Seat & Strap £104.00
AG6800260 Rollgliss Rope Control Device £119.00
AG6800260B Rollgliss Rope Control Device with Brake £147.00
AG6800300 Rollgliss Winch £621.00
AG6800300B Rollgliss Winch with Brake £744.00
AL432 Twin Leg Braided Rope 1m 10.5mm Diameter with loops £21.00
AG6800621 Rollgliss Carry Bag up to 100m £88.10
AG6800622 Rollgliss Carry Bag up to 250m £121.00
Detachable Steel Screw Gate Karabiner 17mm Opening £13.90
Service price excluding parts and VAT
All Rollgliss R350 Models £60.00

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