Test Facilities

CE Rating

Ash safety is a member of the CE Manufacturing Association and this enables us to design and produce CE certification for many lifting products.

Due to possessing our own manufacturing facility we can produce small batch prototype items specifically designed for individual customer needs. With the combination of our drop test tower this also means that we can provide the testing required to accompany the CE registration with recorded data for verification. This is backed up with high definition video recording so that the data can be scrutinized by third parties.

Initial testing can also be performed on PPE products to BS EN requirements although these must be signed off by a confirmed Annex III Company afterwards. This does though offer a cost effective way of testing new prototypes to ensure they will pass when submitted.

We already have several clients who have found this service useful when developing new PPE products. This can also be offset against R&D costs making the price even more affordable.

Drop Test Rig

Ash Safety can also provide the test station as an independent test facility which can be used to qualify claims made for any product which activates upon fall. The test rig was developed initially to verify products that Ash Safety produces for several of it's clients and this has further helped in the development of specialised products.

The facility can drop test loads from 50kgs to 3500kgs with video recording of the tests performed. Point loads are measured up to a maximum of 9500kgs with increments of 10kgs.

We currently attach the item to be tested from an eye-bolt but have the facility to manufacture almost any connection type required. This can also involve unique attachment points manufactured to deliver drop tests to all types of product.

We can confirm stopping distance, verified load and point loads.

For information on costs and test session availability please contact us on 01404 43000 / 01404 44007.

Test Tower Preparing for a drop test CE Marking Association logo

The video shows testing of a load arrestor with a 400kg mass. It shows the initial point weight before activation and the final point load during activation. In this instance the stopping distance (not shown) was 286mm. This information is critical when deciding anchorage loadings and proving safety calculations.

The complete facility is now available for hire, along with experienced personnel, to test any product within the capabilities of the rig.


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